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.Sunday, July 17, 2011
scouting is our way of life

On 6 July 2011, our troop had our very own Appointment Ceremony. This was an important day for us as this was the day where the appointed members of the Patrol Leaders' Council assume their ranks in the troop. We were also very pleased to have our Scout Leaders Mr Kamal & Ms Iris Ng, Brother Sijie and our "retired" Secondary 4 Scouts to attend the ceremony.

It started off with a Flag Break ceremony, then a speech by our very own Scout Leader, Mr Kamal. Soon, one by one, their names were called to receive their ranks. Starting with our APLs, then PLs, the 2 SPLs and the TL.

Let's congratulate the 29th Patrol Leaders' Council and may they bring the Griffin Scouts Troop even higher than before !

Troop Leader - Joshua Teo

Senior Patrol Leader/Quartermaster - Ng Yi Yang

Senior Patrol Leader/Scribe - Feriadi

Dove Patrol

Patrol Leader - Yong Eak Chung
Assistant Patrol Leader - Kendrick Neo

Woodpecker Patrol
Patrol Leader - Wong Li Heng
Assistant Patrol Leader - Marcus Tong

Bear Patrol

Patrol Leader - Samuel Khoo
Assistant Patrol Leader - Lennard Li

Tiger Patrol

Patrol Leader - Tay Chao Jun
Assistant Patrol Leader - Cheong Han Jing

Seahorse Patrol
Patrol Leader - Lam Zhen Gang
Assistant Patrol Leader - Bryan Wang

Whale Patrol

Patrol Leader - Jazton Chern
Assistant Patrol Leader - David Limantara

Cheers !

10:17 PM

.Wednesday, July 13, 2011
scouting is our way of life

On the 16th to 19th of July 2011, our Secondary 2 and a few of our Secondary 3 Scouts went for the Patrol Leaders' Training Camp which was mainly organised by 23 Eagles Scouts Troop. With the theme of "Aspire To Inspire", the objective of this camp is to train Scouts to be a Patrol Leader who leads by example.

During the camp, there was a series of lectures regarding what a Patrol Leader should know such as Patrol System, Patrol Structure and the Base System. They were also given lectures regarding the Councils in a troop, Leadership and Communication in a Patrol. There was also a lesson of "Knowing your Scouts", which was taught by the District Comissioner himself. This camp was obviously a memorable and knowledgeable one for the Scouts, as it teaches them things that was never actually taught during usual trainings. May these Scouts use these valuable lessons they have learned and bring Griffin to greater heights !

Cheers !

8:30 PM

.Friday, May 1, 2009
scouting is our way of life

On the 12th of July 2008, our Scouts attended the Astronomer Proficiency Course jointly organised by the SW-AVLC 6th Executive Committee and the NUS High School’s Astronomy Club. This course was conducted for the Scouts of Clementi District to help them acquire the Astronomer Interest & Pursuit Badge. The participants had to go through a series of lectures and night observations which taught them the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge in order to be a proficient Astronomer.

There were a total of 47 participants from 3 Scout Groups, namely, Griffin, 23 Eagles and Rusa. Some highlights of the programme were – Charting the Heavens, Stars & Stellar Evolution, Galaxies and Cosmology, Constellations and Keeping an Observer Diary. The course was spearheaded by our Rover Scout, Shawn and Sih Chee Guan from 23 Eagles. It was a memorable and good learning experience for many Scouts who enriched themselves with new knowledge and skills about Astronomy.

- Shawn Tan

9:43 PM

.Wednesday, April 29, 2009
scouting is our way of life

18th April 2009 was Speech and Prize Giving Day. I stood next to my fellow scouts, with a rush of adrenaline and a feeling of euphoria. This was it, I thought. This was the day in which all the Sec 4s would do their final part for the school.

Yes, it was the day in which we will step down in a blaze of glory.

Looking back, time really flies. I still remembered the first day I had participated in a Scouts' meeting. Then, I was contemplating whether to join Scouts or NCC (why did I even hesitate?) It was fate, I guess, that the Scouts' trials fell on a Saturday, and the NCC trials on the following Wednesday. I remembered playing with water bombs, playing Chariot, Sour Grapes... I made my decision. I decided to join Scouts.

And then, there I was, leading the Scouts' Contingent, about to carry on with the last speech day of my secondary school days.

The command was passed, and the drums rolled. This sense of pride and joy radiated within me with every step that I took. It was great. The very next moment, the march past was over.

I will always remember the many memories I've had with Griffin Scouts. Camp Alpha '06, WSJ '07, NPC '08... I used to hate the outdoors. Joining Scouts have really changed my life. I will always remember Griffin Scouts.

Now, I kinda think I owe Griffin something.

- Soh Chang Ci

8:21 PM

scouting is our way of life

On 1st December, we made our way to Sarimbun Scouts' Campsite. This was the first time I've seen Sarimbun so crowded. And I was pretty nervous; there were schools with much higher standards than we had over there. Powerhouses like Hwa Chong, SJI, GESS, Catholic High so on and so forth. But I thought, all that training sessions, the amount of time we've spent for NPC, boils down to these 5-days competition. Well, I thought, we've got to give it our all.

And so, began our grueling 5 days camp. We got to work, first setting up our tents, kitchen shed and boundary. Then we continued to put up our storage, gateway and other gadgets.

Throughout this whole camp, there were many activities which we went through, namely, Pioneering, Orienteering, Backwoodsman Cooking, First Aid, etc. Pioneering was a great success, we managed to put up our obstacle course, though it still lose out to other pioneering projects like the dunking machine, see saw, merry-go-round and all that. Well, we did our best, and what I feel is that that is the most important thing. However, we did pretty badly for Backwoodsman Cooking and First Aid. I guess it's the lack of preparation, and cohesiveness within the team that pulled us down.

If it wasn't for our leaders, the Griffin NPC team would have crumbled and fallen apart. There were many disputes and hostility within the team. (I do not want to name names.) Thus, here I would like to thank Si Jie and Ms Ng for helping us out each training, supporting and encouraging us to strive and hold on all the way.

NPC '08 was an enriching programme, and I believe it had an impact on every other scouts' lives. It left us with memories of what Scouting truly is about.

- Soh Chang Ci

8:18 PM

.Monday, April 20, 2009
scouting is our way of life


When our leader, Sijie was surfing the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) website, he chanced upon a photo of one of our very own scouts. Can you guess who?


That person is Yat Hon in a photo taken during Earth Hour 2009. Here is a screenshot of the website but it's not very clear. You can view it over HERE!!!

An entry would be coming up soon about Earth Hour 2009 where the Singapore Scouts Association (SSA) was a partner of Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)! Stay tuned!

Jia Hui

9:25 PM

scouting is our way of life

The Griffin Scout Group had their annual investiture on 4th April 2009. This ceremony marks the official initiation of our new members to the Griffin Scout Group family, usually the Secondary Ones. We were honoured to have Mrs Margaret Anderson, District Commissioner, Mrs Tan Jong Lek, Principal, and Mr Mark, Former Griffin Leader to grace this occasion.

The ceremony kicked off with our meeting ritual, the flag break ceremony, thereafter, we went on with the investiture ceremony whereby the Secondary Ones were initiated, with the national scarves and the green epaulettes which were put on them by the Leaders and Parents of the Tenderfoots.

Once the Secondary Ones were initiated into our family, they were led to recite the Scout Promise and Law. With that, they were posted to their new patrols to begin their Scouting Adventure in Clementi Town Griffin Scout Group. Let us open our arms and welcome the following secondary ones to our family:
Tay Chao Jun
Jazton Chern
Joshua Teo
Yong Eak Chung
Yao Li Ran
Lam Zhen Gang
Wong Li Heng
Ng Yi Yang

After the investiture, we proceeded on with the handing over ceremony. Our secondary four and five scouts have officially stepped down and will be focusing their attention on their upcoming O Levels. Let us all thank the secondary four and five scouts for their contributions these past four years, especially our Troop Leader, Chang Ci, Senior Patrol Leader, Matthew, Venture Antony and Rover Emmanuel. Let us also wish them all the best for their upcoming exams!
Troop Leader 08/09, Chang Ci

With the stepping down of the seconday fours, we now have a batch of new leaders. Let us welcome the 27th Patrol Leader Council and may they bring Griffin Scouts Group to greater heights!

Troop Leader 09/10, Teck Joo

Troop Leader: Chua Teck Joo
Senior Patrol Leader: Lester Quek
Scribe: Chiang Yi Ting
Assistant Scribe: Hoo Wen Qian
Quarter Master: Gerald Gien
Assistant Quarter Master: Bryan Tan
Patrol Leaders:
Bear Patrol: Poon Yik In
Woodpecker Patrol: Gerald Ho
Whale Patrol: Liew Zhi Hao
Dove Patrol: Ooi Gene Wayne
Tiger Patrol: Chung Wei Le
Assistant Patrol Leader:
Bear Patrol: Aron Ang
Seahorse Patrol: Gregory Foo
Whale Patrol: Ian Goh
Dove Patrol: Lee Shi Jie
Tiger Patrol: Abram Yum
Woodpecker Patrol: Joshua Chew

It’s great to be back again, to be where I belong, Griffin Scout Group!  

Shawn Tan
Jia Hui

6:17 PM

.Sunday, February 15, 2009
scouting is our way of life


Our Scouts Leader, Miss Iris Ng came up with a fantastic idea of having a newsletter to broadcast our activities. In this newsletter, you will be able to have an idea on our past events accompanied by beautiful pictures! Furthermore, you will be updated on future events! This shall be a fortnightly newsletter and the first newsletter has been done up by Miss Ng! You can download the newsletter at our Griffin Ventures and Rovers Yahoo! Group or the Griffin Rovers Yahoo! Group

Here's a preview of the first newsletter!

What are you waiting for? Download it and be updated on the activities! 

PS. On a different note, more updates will be coming up! For example the CCA Openhouse, so do return for more updates!

- Jia Hui

11:29 PM

.Wednesday, December 31, 2008
scouting is our way of life

The year 2008 is coming to an end. Before we usher in the new year, let us look back at the past year and do a quick recap before we usher in the new year!

1) Griffin welcomed a new Scout Leader, Ms Iris Ng
2) Our ex Scout Leader, Miss Betty Wu, returned to Griffin as a Assistant Venture Scout Leader
3) The Griffin Scout Troop recieved the Frank Cooper Sands (Silver) for 2007
4) The Griffin Rovers Crew (O) also recieved the Frank Cooper Sands (Silver) for 2007
5) Our Rover, Badruddin was in charge of the Patrol Leader Training Camp 2008
6) The Ventures helped build the Gateway for the Southwest Area Campfire
7) The Scouts went for a trip to Malaysia on Good Friday
8) We had our annual Griffin Scouts Camp at Sarimbun in June
9) Our Scout Leader, Sijie, participated in various overseas event like the World Scouts Youth Forum and Conference, Thailand River Moot, Scouts of the World Award.
10) Our team recieved Bronze at the National Patrol Camp.

Let's hope the year 2009 would be a much better year for Griffin! May Griffin soar to greater heights! HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL SCOUTS, VENTURES, ROVERS, LEADERS! :DD

PS. On a side note, do check the blog for more entries to come! I promise to keep it as updated as possible! This blog will definitely be active from now on!

Jia Hui

8:24 PM

scouting is our way of life

The Scouts of the World Award (SWA) is an initiative to help National Scout Organisations revitalise the programme of Senior Sections (15-26 age range) by giving young people more opportunities to face the challenges of the future as identified by the Millennium Declaration unanimously adopted by the 189 member countries of the United Nations in 2000.

Griffin Scout Leader, Tan Sijie is the SWA coordinator for the SWA Base in Singapore. Ever since he started serving as the SWA Secretary during his term in the 1st National Rover Council in 2006, he has been contributing to the growth of the programme. 

Most recently, he had just concluded the 3rd Scouts of the World Discovery Workshop, which saw the attendance of 3 Singapore , 3 Thailand and 1 Malaysian Rovers, making it the first international SWA workshop. 

The following are articles on the WOSM website in which Singapore's SWA Base were mentioned:

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Article 5

4:16 PM



Since 1982

Griffin Scouts Troop
Scout Leader: Miss Iris Ng & Mr Kamal & Mr Alvin Ng
Assistant Scout Leader: Tan Sijie

29th Patrol Leader Council
Troop Leader: Joshua Teo
Senior Patrol Leader: Ng Yi Yang & Feriadi
Scribe: Feriadi
Quarter Master: Ng Yi Yang
Patrol Leaders:
Bear Patrol: Samuel Khoo
Dove Patrol: Yong Eak Chung
Seahorse Patrol: Lam Zhen Gang
Tiger Patrol: Tay Chao Jun
Whale Patrol: Jazton Chern
Woodpecker Patrol: Wong Li Heng
Assistant Patrol Leader:
Bear Patrol: Lennard Li
Dove Patrol: Kendrick Neo
Seahorse Patrol: Bryan Wang
Tiger Patrol: Cheong Han Jing
Whale Patrol: David Limantara
Woodpecker Patrol: Marcus Tong

Griffin Ventures Unit
Venture Scout Leader:Wilson Ong
Assistant Venture Scout Leader: Betty Wu

4th Griffin Ventures Council
Chairperson: Darrell Wong
Vice-Chairperson: Boon Kiat
Secretary: Shawn Ng
Project Head: Lim Wei Wen

Griffin Rovers Crew
Rover Scout Leader:Steve Sok
Chancellors: Tan Sijie, Wilson Ong
& Chin Jian Hau

3rd Griffin Rovers Council
Duke: Jonathan Chiang
Lady, Messenger: Chew Jia Hui
Keeper of the Purse: Chay Jian Wen
Scribe: Heng Jee Min Melissa
Sergeant-in-Arms: Lee Tat Lin
Herald: Mohd Badruddin & Liew Zhuang Wei
QuarterMaster: Tan Jian Wei Benedict



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